We combine our expertise and potential, in order to meet our partners requirements on our strongest and most important feature which is Real Estate Investment. We are focusing on managing real estate investment and make sure to find the unique investment projects that should be superior among those around them. Moreover, we aim to achieve sustainable returns for our partners by professionally distributing the capital to different segments of the real estate market.

At Amaar, we study and understand the needs of our partners so that we can offer the right investment and set the best strategies to ensure that we reach the desired goals.

We have a team of real estate experts and professionals, with high state of experience and achievements. The team focus on investment management, project development, buy and sell, manage and evaluate performance and take full responsibility of investment performance.

At Amaar, we seek to achieve the highest competitive returns through our high expertise in the segments we invest at, and we use our experiences to achieve the highest performance. Also, we aim to achieve the different requirements of our partners while being aware of the risks of the investments and target returns.